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thea pat
11/10/2012 03:51:23 am

So happy for you both!! We are looking forward to celebrating in 2013!!!
Love you!

12/11/2012 10:54:13 am

I love how your website is coming together!!!! And looking forward to a very special next six months as we plan for your special day. I love you both very much. Carolyn

Susan Purcella Gibbons
12/13/2012 12:01:30 pm

I will be so happy to visit Texas again! Congratulations to you both from your Connecticut cousin. XOX

Jeannie Purcella
3/1/2013 09:27:39 am

Frank & I are so happy for both of you! We look forward to seeing all of you at your wedding..It's been way too long! Hope all your dreams are coming true, and we will see you soon to share in your happiness. With Love, Your Aunt Jeannie and husband Frank

Barbara Wolfe
3/31/2013 07:41:39 am

Bob & I are really looking forward to a wonderful wedding weekend. Your website is very nice. i enjoyed seeing all your photos together over the years, and also of your friends and family in the wedding party. It will help us get acquainted with everyone much faster. (Barbara Burgess Wolfe, aunt of the groom)

Tina Angelo
4/11/2013 04:26:52 am

We are gearing up for the big day! Won't be long now. Have you practiced your Greek dancing????

4/14/2013 04:29:12 pm

It just occurred to me that we all need to go backpacking together. Why hasn't this happened yet!?!? You bring the beer, I'll bring the doggie, and we'll both convince the new wives sleeping in the woods is a good idea :)


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